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Albano's, wholesale fashion clothing suppliers since 1982 is located in the center of Madrid, in the wholesale area of Tirso de Molina. We are considered as one of the main distributors of European women's clothing wholesalers. Our design and manufacturing is done 100 % in Spain. Wholesalers referents of party dresses whose design and style are unique. We only work with Spanish manufacturers for 35 years, adapting global trends to new collections, always adding a touch of distinction to each dress that, together with the good finishes and details, make Albano's a leader among clothing wholesalers of women in Spain and throughout Europe.

We work with two main collections: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. We incorporate new products every week, in concept "pronto moda". The style of women's clothing wholesaler that we work is young, elegant and sophisticated with some dresses for formal events, such as wedding, party and cocktail. Also highlight the most casual products in blouses and skirts for a common office day. In each season we have more than 1000 references in women's clothing, placing us as the main suppliers in Madrid, both in national and international sales. Register and enjoy our wholesale clothing collection.


Albanos is a reference in ladies wholesale clothing suppliers in Madrid since 1982, but it is since 2015 when the concept of online clothing wholesaler begins, making the European expansion through the sale on the Internet. The design and ease of purchase on the Albano's website offers a new style of purchase, increasingly widespread among wholesale clothing stores, which provides immediate purchase capacity, payment flexibility and product availability. between 24 and 48 hours. It is necessary to register in Albanos to be able to see the prices of the garments. Once registered and verified that they are professionals of the fashion sector, the prices and the possibility of online wholesale purchase are enabled in a completely secure way, since we have the main security technology. Every week we send a newsletter with the latest news so that our customers can quickly access and confirm their orders before stocks run out.

We offer significant discounts of up to 60% on end-of-season garments. We also have an "outlet" section where the models from the previous season appear that we still have in stock, until the end of stock. In the online store you can buy all the products discounted by color and size. The references in women's fashion are determined by the best selling styles of the best international collections, with the quality that the national manufacture supposes. Within the selection of the main suppliers of women's clothing, the importance of working with clothing wholesalers who know how to highlight the brand "Spain" as an ambassador of good taste and quality in women's fashion stands out.


Our new spring 2019 collection, exclusive spanish clothing wholesale for women, is available for immediate delivery, you can find the most spectacular dresses, wonderful super combinable blouses and overalls that will make your shop windows a sign of distinction in your city. This season, as a novelty, we include a mini collection for brides and we increase the sizes in some of our models so that you can satisfy all your clients.

The collection stands out for the choice of good quality fabrics fulfilling the quality requirements that have characterized Albanos since the beginning. On this occasion, the party designs that will be the protagonists in all the events and the focus of the looks, with long dresses for formal events and more discreet dresses for cocktail parties. They also highlight the blouses and skirts for a day at the office and complete overalls, which will bring the touch of distinction. It is committed to smooth products, but without leaving aside the colors and patterns typical of the spring season. In our wholesale clothing collection you will find a wide range of products for any occasion, at a really competitive price.

Party dresses: It is the main product of Albano's, highlighting the long and short cut party dresses for any event or appointment. In the collection you will find dresses with flying or more tight, printed or plain, from the full range of prices and styles, highlighting good taste and originality.

Skirts: Long, short, fringed, tight, printed, formal or with tail, are some of the characteristics of the skirts of the Albano's wholesale collection.

Blouses: For young women and men, our wholesale blouses stand out for the diversity of styles and color ranges.

Jumpsuits: Elegant party coveralls and with several types of neckline, print a great personality and character. Discover our animal print or prints. Original and available for professional sale.

Big Sizes: New concept incorporated this season, with sizes up to 52, our large plus sizes collection combines elegant outfits with floral dresses in soft colors for spring.

Wedding dresses: The mini-collection of wedding dresses wholesale, novelty 2019 in Albanos, incorporates no more than 10 carefully selected models with unbeatable prices.

Outlet: Section of important offers for the last sizes and colors of models of the last season or the current one. With discounts of up to 60% find real weekly bargains


To be able to access the prices of the online catalog you must be registered. To do this click on the button Register that is at the top of the web and from there incorporates professional data. Remember that we are a clothing wholesaler and we only work with professionals in the sector. In the registration it is necessary to send a professional accrediting document.

Once registered and on the page of each product, add the amount of each model in the box corresponding to the color and size and click on "ADD TO CART". There are sizes that do not have a box, that means that size for that color is exhausted. You can also create a wish list or favorite products to access later quickly.

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Once you have added all the products you must click on "BUY" in the shopping cart. The web will take you to a summary of the order where you can see the details. There you must confirm the purchase in "CONFIRM MY ORDER". Once confirmed, we will contact you to inform you about shipping costs, VAT and equivalence surcharge if needed. You will have the option of choosing your own transporter or using those associated with Albano's. Then we will send you an email with the payment method, either by credit card or by bank transfer. The card payment gateway is provided by the bank itself, so it is fully protected and insured. Once the payment is made, we will proceed to send the order.

Remember that the order will be reserved for 3 days. If after that time the payment is not made, we will proceed to cancel it.


If it is your first purchase of wholesale clothing online, you should take into account some practical tips that will help you in the development of your brand. After many years of experience we teach you some tips to keep in mind to buy clothes suppliers.


In general, a good photograph of the product allows us to have a good reference of the details and quality of the dress. This does not mean that sometimes we can get the wrong idea of the textures and the finished ones. It is advisable, if the brand is not well known, to make a first trial purchase, in a wide range of products, to confirm if it is really what we expect. In Albanos, the quality of the product is very good, since we only work with Spanish manufacturing with many years of experience, so you will not get negative impressions when you have the product in your hand. In addition, shipping in the first purchase is free to Peninsula, so we give you facilities to know our product and our way of working so that you have a reference women's clothing supplier.


If you have an online store and you want to use the photos of the clothing supplier, we suggest you make some changes to it, such as the background color, so that the store will look homogeneous and attractive. In addition, Google will consider them as originals and will give more points for positioning. In Albanos we provide professional photos of the products you buy. You only have to request them at the time of purchase or by email.


Almost all clothing wholesalers have a surplus stock from last season in which you can find very good product opportunities with a significant discount, although it is true that they are not usually the best selling products of the season and are not usually available in all sizes. It is always advisable to take a look at all the discounts because you can find a color, a model or a size that can always be given a greater benefit. On the web we have a section of discounts where you can find wholesale clothing for women with 60% less


The soon fashionable wholesalers usually add news with certain frequency, in the case of Albanians every week we take out new products, and we communicate it to the clients by means of social networks or the electronic mail. Sometimes products with more pull tend to run out soon, in less than a week. We recommend that you be aware of the weekly newsletter we send (usually on Fridays) and follow up on social networks so you do not miss anything. The link to social networks is at the end of the web.